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#livestream #PSVR gameplay and video footage ._.
I provide hours of #PSVR enjoyment of games
live from my living room in N.Z.
Email me at taznic@xtra.co.nz

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Hey folks come and watch as Taz tries to get fit in the awesome rhythmic latest craze coming to #OculusQuest
Yes it's OhShape @OhShape and it's packed full of pure awesomeness

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Hell yeah now this is way cool

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Ladies and Gentlemen introducing.......

What do you think to this folks?

Cool eh. I did this for my God daughter this evening

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Just put this together also today for my god daughter
As a banner what do you folks think cool eh.....
Wanting to get her out there folks ....
Shes very talented
From Taz

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Hey folks check this out something extra special from Taznic Gaming
Really hope you like it I spent most of today putting all this together for my god daughter enjoy.
She was totally wrapped with it

Heres the thumbnail and link for you all

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Oh hell yeah this looks so awesome don't you all think we love our camping eh...


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Hey folks its your boy Taz
Yessss again hehehehe
Gotta love the VR baby hell yeah.

Heres a gaze based VR experience via #OculusLink
Take a look it's called The Forgotten Chamber and its brought to us by @ArchiactVR
Its done using binaural audio

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This is really fun folks I got to play this using oculus link and its so darn crisp and crystal clear see for yourselves.
It's all about the VR baby yeah .....

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hey folks come watch your boy Tazzy take flight and bomb things... sounds simple I assure you it definitely isnt.
Its heaps of fun and so gratifying when you manage to do well.

This is being played on the quest thanks to the awesome power of Oculus Link.

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Hey folks a short little VR experience here for ya.
This is via Oculus Link and is the 1st door in Face Your Fears as i have already showed you the other one
It's from the perspective of the girl in King Kong its actually well done
Enjoy ._.

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Just a little Thankyou from Taz folks

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Tazzy tries some PCVR yeah baby .... via the awesome Oculus Link let's try out some Pistol Whip... hell yeah ....

I need this on all my VR platforms just waiting for the PSVR release to come now....
Enjoy folks from Taz.

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Watch as Taz tries out budget cuts via the Awesome Oculus Link ladies and Gentlemen.
Never tried this one before so I never had a clue what to expect....
Always makes it more interesting though I reckon.

Enjoy folks

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Hey folks check out your boy Taz trying out a wave shooter in VR via Oculus Link it's pretty cool and psychedelic which I love..

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Just put this together folks hope you like it from Taz

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Hey folks a lititle advert I just put together for the channel hope you like it from Taz

Be sure to check out the Taznic Gaming channel on youtube

Come and join us all for a chinwag in the discord :

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Hey folks it's your boy Taz heres my review I did with a slight Tazzy spin to it.
It's for the AMVR Magnetic Charging Station
Many thanks to the folk at AMVR for sending this out to me

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I have still got to try this on my Oculus Quest to finish off the series
#VaderImmortal episode 1 and 2 were brilliant
I must say I loved using the power of the force in episode 2.

Star Wars:Jedi Order is sheer brilliance too on #PS4
A must for Star Wars fans everywhere

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