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Please check out my interview with William Frankland, a doctor who worked from the 1930s to 2019.

Is that a world record? Can anyone name any person in history who had an active, professional life that spanned NINE decades?


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This one sticks in my mind. Polynesian from the Cook Islands, I think.

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I've explored the tunnels and the graffiti is hugely moving. A direct connection with bored, scared young men who were waiting to be fed into battle.

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Today in 1917 24,000 troops moved into the Wellington Tunnels under Arras. They were there for a week before the big push on the 9th when they erupted from underground very close to the German frontline.

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Today in 1801 Nelson attacked the Danes at Copenhagen. He 'turned a blind eye' to his commanding officer's signal to withdraw, pressed ahead and won his toughest fleet action.

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New Podcast‼️

Historian Douglas Gill has attempted to track the very first carriers of 'Spanish Influenza' during the First World War. I asked him why it started and how it spread.

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#HistoryHitLive: every Monday/ Wednesday/Friday at 4pm UK/ 11am Eastern.

This Friday: the one and only @James1940 is on talking about D-day

Please send in your questions and watch here:

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Here's a short video of our interview:

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I took my daughter. She still talks about him often. I have to tell her later. What a month.

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Sad news.

Just been informed of the death of one of the greatest Britons, Dr Bill Frankland. He died at age 108. He was the oldest living survivor of the Japanese POW camps. He was a scientist who published his most recent paper in September 2019.

I'll never forget our meeting

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The final battle.

The Entscheidungsschlacht


How best do I take on this host?

(Help please, @pptsapper)

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A podcast in which two brilliant mathematicians turn their brains to alternative outcomes of the Battle of Britain.

And try to teach me some maths.

Their first challenge meets with more success than the latter


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Today in 1924 Hitler was sentenced to a pathetic 5 yrs for trying to overthrow the govt. He served 9 months.

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Evening history update

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Today in 1956 the West German Federal Intelligence Service was created. Its first president (until 1968) was Reinhard Gehlen, had been Hitler's head of intelligence on the Eastern front. The Americans had employed him, his staff & agents in their new struggle against the Soviets.

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For us, lockdown.
For them, freedom.

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I was lucky enough to visit the Commons Chamber earlier this year, filming our latest @HistoryHit doc on great Parliamentary speeches. Just released on the channel! Signup today with code ‘twitter’ and get 30 days free 👉

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