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The FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence

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“This is the firing line...for the emancipation of the African Negro and the Negroes of the West Indies; for the emancipation of the colored races; and for the emancipation of the white slaves of modern capitalistic monopoly.” —
W.E.B. Du Bois, 1946

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Military Leaders Have an Extraordinary Choice to Make as the Nation Protests

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The Question Isn’t Whether Trump Will Go Full Authoritarian—It’s How We’ll Respond

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“We all have the capacity to commit violence, and it’s simply a question of the pressures that drive us to do so.”

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"Right now, it sure looks like the men with guns will fold to Trump’s will just as cravenly and pathetically as everybody else."

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"It does not matter if what Trump is doing is legal. It does not matter if what he’s doing is Constitutional. It doesn’t matter because nobody is going to stop him."—@ElieNYC.

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"The police work for white people, and they know it. White people know it too."

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We Really Need to Tax the Rich

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Indigenous peoples have inherited a vision so audacious that it terrifies our oppressors.

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An interview with Keith Ellison, who is taking the lead in the George Floyd murder case

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Knowing this president, it’s unlikely he’ll hesitate to further escalate. And so, it falls to those beneath him to make their own decisions to obey or defy Trump.

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“The camera likes fire. It likes blood. It is attracted to the violence. Sometimes people throw rocks because throwing rocks feels like the only thing white people even notice.”

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The fact that the FBI’s situation reports cannot find any evidence of it now suggests that fears about the group may be exaggerated.

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Save the Children’s report paints a grim picture of childhood in the United States.

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"For them, like Du Bois, breaking the back of Southern white supremacy required challenging and remaking the larger system of exploitative capitalism that had subjected black and white Southerners to centuries of injustice."

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Time to Fundamentally Rethink What Trump Means by Security

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Their oath means nothing if they don't defy unlawful orders.

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When Trump stood in the Rose Garden Monday evening and threatened to deploy the US military into American cities, National Guardsmen were already deployed in the nation’s capital, clad in mismatched camouflage and gripping clumsy wooden batons.

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Neoliberal economic policy has been strangling the public sector for years. Now it’s time for unions to fight back.

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