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The cycle continues: Kanye says a thing, we all go the long way believing it, the idea proves untenable, and his sense that people are out to get him is reinforced. @CraigSJ writes

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The Houston rappers are going viral thanks to TikTokers like Lizzo

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Marwan Kenzari thought of "A Little Life" and "The Iliad" as inspirations for his romance in #TheOldGuard

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It’s been a bad year for virtually … everything, but there is still a lot of pleasure to be found in these essential works. @HillaryKelly writes

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‘Grant was a truly brilliant engineer, artist and performer,' remembers his MythBusters costar Adam Savage

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Lanez was charged with allegedly carrying a concealed weapon in his vehicle and released on bail

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Making Staten Island's sweetest and most loyal vampire assistant (who’s secretly great at killing vampires)

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Kelly Clarkson covered Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” for her latest remote “Kellyoke”

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Chance the Rapper gets roasted for thinking Kanye 2020 is real

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An ever-evolving guide to the year’s major theatrical release dates

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With #TheOldGuard out on Netflix, we take a look back at Charlize Theron’s filmography

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Disney+ cranks out more #StarWars content and orders an animated Clone Wars sequel series

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Both Bergeron and Andrews are out at Dancing With the Stars as the ABC reality competition show moves in a 'new creative direction'

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Billboard has revealed their new rules regarding albums sold as a package deal with merchandise or concert tickets

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The actor will produce and star in an adaptation of author Jayci Lee's romance novel A Sweet Mess

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.@GPBmadeit's #TheOldGuard is an unlikely superhero film, both patient and intimate. But she’s always been uncompromising. @BilgeEbiri reports

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#DragRace #AllStars' @AlexisMateo79 isn't holding a grudge against you-know-who

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How #PoseFX's @MjRodriguez7 pulled off an incredible Whitney Houston lip sync

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The survey was speechless

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On @NYMag this issue: With the television industry in the midst of an existential crisis, @MichaelaCoel's #IMayDestroyYou feels like a lifeline, arriving in the middle of a critical juncture in history. @e_alexjung reports

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