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A timeline of Stevie Nicks and her ‘love child’ Harry Styles’s friendship

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Chris Martin broke his restraining order to see Hugh Grant again

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"I would be probably quite disappointed if there wasn’t a polarizing response to the film."

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The story behind the Who’s iconic ‘A Quick One’ performance, now available in glorious HD

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Eilishia Keys. Is that not gorgeous?

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“Do you ever feel like we’re living during a particularly bad period in history?”

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Harry Styles on the rumors of his bisexuality: "I just think sexuality’s something that’s fun"

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Please take a closer look at Celine Dion’s massive, Corleone-esque ring

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YouTube streams will be counted the same way as streams from other platforms like Apple Music and Spotify

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"Do the Right Thing" and "Moonstruck" actor Danny Aiello died on Thursday night at the age of 86

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Copious number of barrettes star in To All the Boys sequel

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Orlando Jones says new ‘white man’ showrunner fired him from American Gods

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Here’s what you’re not going to see in this week’s top-five late-night moments: impeachment talk

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"He absolutely just brought everything to that character, and we were able to find the moments and figure them out together"

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At the Armory, Judgment Day shows its cast no mercy. @helen_e_shaw reviews

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Midge Maisel remains marvelous at Amazon

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Chris Martin broke his restraining order to see Hugh Grant again

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The best shows you can stream on Amazon Prime, from Amazon originals to HBO hits and network-TV classics

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Our critics pored over 5,279 of the decade’s films. It’s messy, and it’s filled with contradictions, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are the films of the 2010s, ranked, for better and worse

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