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Today, in our weekly podcast, we preview Insider’s Guide to the Other Side. Julie Reiger and Brenda Villa will guide you through otherworldly stories and insights to help you harness the power of The Other Side. Tune in live at 11:35.

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Next year will be hard on the housing market, especially in some big cities. Caralee Gurney joins @brianmuddradio at 11:20 with more on this story.

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Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of American Innovation Ja'Rpm Smith chats with @brianmuddradio regarding opportunity zones and his visit to South Florida.

Listen at 11:05.

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If you work for big retail stores, UPS or FedEx, what are you told to do in case of a robbery?

Comment below or talk to @brianmuddradio 866-610-6397.

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Political Analyst and Republican strategist @FordOConnell chats with @brianmuddradio on how impeachment will play out with Florida voters. Tune in live at 10:35.

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Divided we fall? Americans see our angry political debate as 'a big problem'. Leigh Richardson, Licensed Professional Counselor, joins @brianmuddradio with more on this story at 10:20.

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Rush-hour shootout on Miramar Parkway leaves four people dead after after cops chase hijacked UPS truck. WIOD's Ericar Rodriguez has the latest on this story at 10:05.

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The purveyor of @NoSpinNews, @BillOReilly joins us to discuss what #ArticlesOfImpeachment means for @TheDemocrats, the @GOP and @realDonaldTrump at 9:11am.


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The latest on that wild chase and shootout after a robbery and hijacking of a @UPS truck in #CoralGables, ending in #Miramar. @MiamiDadePD Director @JPerezMDPD joins us at 7:21am


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iHeart Aviation Analyst Jay Ratliff joins @brianmuddradio at 11:35 with more on the FAA and Boeing, the cost of flying and an 11-hour flight to nowhere.

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NASA Scientist, Eric Christian is live at 11:20 with more on the new results from mission to touch the sun.

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Jon Decker joins @brianmuddradio at 11:05 with the latest from Washington.

Tune in live!

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North Korea is sending signals that a major announcement could be coming, not only through statements, but through photographs. What kind of message is it? And is it directed at the U.S.? @BillZ981 has been following the story and has more at 10:50.

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RNC Deputy Press Secretary Michael Joyce chats with
at 10:35 about the reactions from DC on Wednesday's impeachment hearings.

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The impeachment hearings are front and center stage in Washington. @thebowershow has the latest details at 10:20.

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House @SpeakerPelosi makes a formal statement on the status of the impeachment inquiry. ABC's @MonaKAbdi joins @brianmuddradio with more on this story at 10:05.

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Biden Campaign Releases Ad Featuring World Leaders Mocking Trump

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Immigrants Easily Climb New Segment "Impenetrable" Border Wall

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Chris Wills Leader of @NoMoreTolls joins @brianmuddradio at 11:35 with more on the citizens reaction to the Palmetto tolls.

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