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In today's weekly #podcast, @TweetTonyHarris chats with @brianmuddradio about ‘Monster: DC Sniper'. Tune in at 11:35.

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Listen live at 11:05 as @senpizzo joins @brianmuddradio to talk about the outlook for his bill protecting nude sunbathers and overall thoughts on the session so far.

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Scientists have moved the "Doomsday Clock" closer to midnight. How far was it moved? And what factors do they take into account in positioning the clock? @BillZ981 has the latest details at 10:50.

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Did Hunter Biden violate federal law like Manafort? @MichaelRCaputo joins @brianmuddradio live at 10:35 with more on this story.

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#Impeachment managers continue to press their case against @POTUS in the Senate today. Reports Thursday morning say that House Democrats are ready to press the Senate into allowing witnesses and documents in the impeachment trial. Tune in live at 10:20

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Tensions are running high between Majority Leader @senatemajldr and Democratic Leader @SenSchumer after a bruising battle over the Senate impeachment trial’s rules. @jessebyrnes joins @brianmuddradio live at 10:05 with more details.

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Florida's Chief Financial Officer @JimmyPatronis chats with @brianmuddradio at 11:35 today on this year's legislation session.

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iHeart Aviation Analyst, Jay Ratliff chats with @brianmuddradio at 11:20 on traveling for the #SuperBowlLIV, guidelines on emotional support animals and no-pilot flight decks.

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Listen live at 11:05 as @MayorGimenez chats with @brianmuddradio about the new F1 proposal, the launch of county collaboration with MIT and more.

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A mystery virus has caused several airports in US to quarantine passagers in flights coming from China. @SethDenson joins @brianmuddradio live at 10:50 with the latest on this story.

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The Impeachment Trial of President Trump continues. What happened on Wednesday? What is expected on Thursday? @thebowershow joins @brianmuddradio at 10:35 with an update on what's happening in Washington.

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Tune in at 10:20 as @lorialhadeff joins @brianmuddradio with more on Alyssa's Law passing in the state session.

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According to a new proposal from the Department of Transportation, rules about certain emotional support animals are about to change. @newsburrow has the latest on this story at 10:05.

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Yesterday, @GovRonDeSantis appointed @rpetty to the State Board of Education. @brianmuddradio caught up with him on what his goals are and the vision as he takes this new role.

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Today, @brianmuddradio and @AmandaBBevis talked about Floridians for lawsuit reform launching a campaign to lower the cost of living for Florida families.

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In today's Q&A, @brianmuddradio covered the connection between school spending and outcomes .

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Per a poll on Morning Consult, Floridians say they are well represented in Washington. Check out the details.

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Florida @GovRonDeSantis has appointed @rpetty to the State Board of Education. @brianmuddradio catches with Ryan Petty at 11:35 with more on this decision.

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Fox News Radio's Jon Decker is live from the @WhiteHouse with the latest on the Senate #ImpeachmentTrial. Tune in live at 11:20.

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