Some of you might think that yoga is for physical flexibility. Yoga can actually help broaden the spiritual horizons for you. It is one of those methods for learning about yourself that has been tested over the centuries. If you want to relax, just take out your yoga mat, play some relaxing music in the background and you will be transported to a much calmer world. Yoga has been used as a relaxing tool, throughout time. It has different names and principles in different cultures but the basis was the same.Relax with Yoga When you come home from work on a Friday, you are ready for a weekend ahead. Has the work from the whole week tired you out? Well, you can always relax with yoga after a long and hectic week. When you are well-rested, you will be able to get the best out of any weekend. There are different poses for relaxing. For example, the Leg Against the Wall pose is great for relaxing for your body. When you raise your body slightly, the circulation gets much better. The lymphatic fluid and other essential fluids in the body can be easily transported from the lower part of the body to the abdomen. If you have menstrual cramps, this pose will soothe them too. Moreover, it helps in alleviating lower back pain and headaches. Once you come back from the pose, you will feel an instant burst of energy.If you want to sit in place, you can do the Child’s pose for 30 seconds. It helps in relaxing your body, from your arms to legs. While you are stretching your ankles, thighs, hips and shoulders, you are relieving any pain in your torso or head. It also helps in reducing the aches that are due to tiredness or stress. With the Forward Bend, you will be doing basically the same thing but while standing up. It assists in improving digestion, reducing stress or anxiety and relieving menstrual cramps. You can also do the Corpse Pose. It is pretty simple but you will feel your the body getting relaxed when you are in that pose.Music for Relaxing Yoga PosesWhen you are doing these poses on a Friday evening, you will need to pour yourself a glass of wine and play some music in the background. I have made this relaxing playlist for you that you can start playing on your way home from work. When you get home, pull out the yoga mat and give your body the rest that it deserves.1. Good Disease feat. Stephen Jones-Ailm2. Final Home-DJ Krush3. The Boogie Man Song-Mos Def4. Got to Give It Up (Part 2)-Marvin Gaye5. Free Ton Style-Dimitri From Paris6. Taxi (BPM Remix)-BPM7. What Do People Do All Day-Aim8. New Dawn-Beat Pharmacy9. Groove is in the Heart-Dee-Lite10. I Want Your Love-Chromatics11. Keep On Searching-Kraak & Smaak12. Single (Photek Remix)-Everything But the Girl13. Indu-Massod Ali Kahn