Music is the best companion for everything, whether it is a road trip or a yoga class. For doing yoga, you need music that you can synchronize with. Most of the songs that you hear from your favorite artists are not the best when it comes to yoga because the beats to do not match with the rhythm of yoga. This is why you need a special playlist for doing yoga moves. Just play this playlist every time you are doing yoga at home or you decide to take your yoga mat to the park. With the right music playing in the background, you will be able to enjoy the spirit of yoga much more effectively.Yoga: Your Path to Self CareNowadays, there is a lot of discussion about self-care but no one seems to be doing it right. One of the ways to take care of yourself is to do yoga. Yoga is not just for your body but also for your soul and your brain. You get so much from it, even if you are just doing it for half an hour a day. Firstly, yoga increases your flexibility. This is extremely beneficial especially if you are getting older and your joints have started to ache. Secondly, yoga improves your muscle tone. Even at an older age, you would be able to climb a flight of stairs like your young self. People who start doing yoga at an earlier time of their lives tend to age well, physically and emotionally.You would be surprised to know how much yoga can help in maintaining the internal balance of your body. It maintains metabolism which means every single process of your body is maintained by this practice. It also helps in weight reduction in some cases and improves athletic performance. Scientific research keeps showing us more and more benefits of this traditional practice. You name a benefit and yoga would give it to you with just a few sessions.Playlist for YogaYou can curate a yoga playlist for yourself, based on your taste but what if you just cannot find the right songs? There is no need to worry as I have curated a beautiful playlist for you to do yoga to. Play these songs in the background and you will be able to do your daily yoga routine with much more attentiveness and effectiveness. This playlist is called Istanbul and it contains songs from different artists. Even if you are not fond of the entire playlist, you can choose a song that you can resonate with and sync your yoga routine to it. 1. Out here, In there-Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endressen 2. Limit to Your Love-James Blake 3. Stars-The XX 4. Rapala Shad-Metamatics 5. Dogs-HVOB 6. VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)-The XX 7. Funky for You-Deadbeats 8. Howling-Ry and Frank Wiedemann 9. Epoca-La Ravancha Del Tango 10. .No Love-Little Dragon 11. Truth-Bugge Wesseltoft &  Sidsel EndressenSave